Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Raena's Baby Boutique

I started a new business called Raena's Baby Boutique. I am currently on facebook. I sell anything from headbands to tutu's. I even have items for boys. Please stop by and like us.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Raena 1 week old

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Raena's Birth Story

How we ended up with a not so planned 'natural' birth!

We were scheduled to be induced on April 24th, we were asked to arrive at the hospital for 7:30 am. But we must have been excited because we showed up just after 7!
I was monitored until my doctor showed up around 8:30 am. She checked my cervix and it was at 2 cm. UGH! So I still had to be induced. She inserted a 'tampon' type string called Cervidil. I then had to be monitored for 2 hours. Which the nurse 'politely' forgot to tell us, and we were wondering why we were still there.
We finally got to leave just before 11 am. We had 7 mins left on our parking ticket, pretty lucky I say.
So we stayed home for a few hours. Finally around my sister, Ben and I went to the mall to walk around and of course shop. I noticed some cramping by the time we left, and we were there for an hour.
I started getting really bad back pains around 4:30 pm, that wouldn't go away no matter what I did. After supper I decided to take a nice warm shower to help with the pain. Well that just made the contractions come and the back pain stayed. I told Mike that once Ben went to bed at 9 pm, we would go to the hospital to see if it's actually labor, or stupid early labor crap (I had early labor for 3 weeks).
We arrived at the hospital just before 9:30 pm, I yet again get monitored and checked and my cervix actually made some progress! 2-3 cm. The nurse said that we can walk around for an hour and come back and get checked. We also had to wait to get my blood taken.
 So finally at 10:30 pm we started our 'hour' walk. Well if you have never walked around your hospital at 10:30 at night, I would suggest you not take the stairs! We left the second floor and walked down to the first, and just started walking up and down the same hallway and was rather boring, so we took a little adventure and took some stairs back up to the second floor, well the door was locked! We thought we were gonna be stuck in the stairwell. I being the clever one, noticed whatever door had the scan pad on, we couldn't go through or up. We ended up getting a bag of chips and pop to share, and took the elevator back up to the second floor and watched tv for 15 mins. I then figured why not postpone this and go get checked again.
Well we hit the magic number. I was dilated to 4 cm and was getting admitted into labor and delivery at midnight! About time!!. 
April 25th
We were relived to be admitted but I wish I gave Ben a longer kiss and hug now.
The nurse asked how far apart my contractions were and they were 3-5 mins and lasting about a minute. She asked if I wanted to get anything for the pain. I being a stubborn turd said no. But I did tell her that I would have a epidural when I thought I was ready for one.
I would have gotten sleep, but Mike was snoring away on his cot looking a little to relaxed. So when I started feeling nausea at 4 am I woke him up and made him get me a gravel. The nurse comes in and asks if I wanted some morphine for the pain. I said nope just the gravel!
Well at 5 am I was ready for my epidural. The contractions were getting 2 mins apart and only lasting between 45-60 sec's.
This young nurse comes in and tries to insert my IV. After two pokes on my left hand, another nurse  inserts it into my right hand, that is numb and swollen. So much for my ice packs.
I had to get a liter of fluids in me before I could get the epidural, that seemed to take forever! Then I had to go pee. Not fun trying to pee and the nurse saying, 'Don't have that baby on the toilet' haha I'll try. I started loosing track of time around this point but I'm gonna say it's around 6 in the morning. I started to get really light headed, then the sweats would come. I just kept asking where the heck is my epidural.
Well turns out, the guy who does them went HOME!!!!!!!!!!!! How the heck do you forget about preggo's in labor.
I was checked again and was dilated to 7 cm. I felt that I could have started pushing then.
At 7 am is shift change, so our great nurse was leaving us, but lucky for us we got another one. We kept asking about our epidural and they just said the guy was on his way.
Alright this is where it start's getting fast paced.
I still felt like I had to push so I was checked and was only at 8 cm. The contractions were coming within a minute and lasting for 30-45 sec, it seemed like they just kept coming and yet again felt like I had to push.
I was 10 cm. I started pushing and didn't care what they said, this baby was coming cause I wasn't gonna stop. They called my doc at 7:25 am then all of a sudden there were two more nurses in my room and I was getting oxygen, and being told to "push and pull my knees up, and push and she's out". Mike said he turned to look out the window when they said the head was crowning, and looked back and she was on the table. Few mins later my doc comes in. Raena was born at 7:33 am by the wonderful nursing staff.
I felt bad for my doc, she see's me for 9 months and misses the birth. Guess I couldn't help myself.
So know I had a epidural and natural birth. I still would take the epidural anyday!

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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Baby Girl is here!

 Raena Lynn
April 25th
 7:33 am
 8lbs 13 oz 
21 3/4" Long

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Getting Induced!!

So tomorrow morning I get induced at 8am,  since baby girl will be a week over due. I really wanted to go into labor by myself, but she is being very stubborn.
So my husband says she will come out Thursday and I say Wednesday. So hopefully I'm right haha.
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Thursday, April 19, 2012


I kinda went pillow crazy today!

Pillows are so fun! I love how they all turned out. Pin It

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tutorial: Paris blocks

Since I didn't have enough letter blocks to spell out Paris, I decided to paint my own, I think they turned out really good.
You Need:
Pencil, Pen
Black Sharpie Pen
Sand Paper

First paint your blocks white
Then print out your word, I can't remember which font but it's size is 100.
Color the back of your paper, were the letters are with your pencil
Center it on your block, then trace your letter with the pen
Your letters are now transfer to your blocks
Use your sharpie pen and fill in the lines
Once dry, lightly sand edges and your letters. Done!
I'm on the hunt for a black metal Eiffel Tower, but so far no luck. But once I find it, these are gonna look so much better! Pin It