Ever since finding out that we are excepting a girl, I have been on a hair accessories making frenzy. Then I noticed, I needed something to hang all the bows and clips on. So here is a quick little project.

So this is the bow holder I made for Baby Girl.
You Need:
Frame with glass
Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

I already had the frame, we used it for our wedding, and since it just sat there with no use, I figured what the heck.
I took the backing out from the frame. Printed a nice letter. and placed the glass over top, and started to paint following the letter.  Next take your hot glue gun, and place small beads of glue, along the back to hold your glass in place.
I then glued two strands of ribbon. I cut mine to 13". 
I even took a smaller piece, to use as a hanger.

That's it!
Now get making some cute bows to add to your hanger!
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